Amp Wiring Kits
Stinger has the kits you need to get the best sounding, most powerful performance from any car stereo. In addition to True-Spec OFC wire, Stinger PRO and HPM kits come complete with all the hardware you need for a smooth, professional installation.

Beneath the PVC jacket, the heart of Stinger wire is in the 100%, True-Spec Oxygen free copper. Ground noise and interference are history, and flexibility, clarity and quality are in the driver's seat.
Insight:Power Wire

It's ShockKrome RCA tips. It's PRO and HPM grades. It's OFC conductors. They all add up to peak performance interconnects that are flexible and look great even in highly complicated installations.

Hit the streets or the show circuit with confidence from Stinger batteries. The Power and Power2 power cells are meticulously engineered and stomp any competitor for price, performance and durability.

They look great, the best and most reliable on the block. Stinger electrolytic and hybrid capacitors impress with loud, deep, hard hitting bass while others leave you flat.

Sound Damping - Roadkill
Leave noise, engine heat and vibration in the dust with Stinger Roadkill noise-damping materials. It's made from material originally developed for jet fighters, making your ride a whole new experience and improving the overall performance of your sound system.

Power Distribution
You want them to look awesome, and perform even better. Stinger PRO and HPM power distribution products cover all the bases, for any application.

Stinger terminals are deep, sturdy and solid, providing the fit and high currency transfer you need with a clean finish.

Alternators & Power Support
You need the power, and Stinger has it for multiple applications. 12-volt power support products include hand built alternators, high current relays, isolators, circuit breakers and plenty more.

Every system can use a boost. Stinger provides signal adapters, cooling fans, power inverters and everything else you need to get the most from your system.

Stinger power sounds amazing, but you want it to look just as good. Stinger textiles include a variety of carpeting that puts the finish on any installation.

You don't have to hear it to believe it with Stinger merchandising displays and material. These professionally designed products draw the customer in and are sure to add sales.