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Roadkill-Sound Damping


Universal - Expert Roadkill 36sq-ft Bulk 9/pack (18" x 32")

RoadKill Performance:
After a few days of adhesion time, Adhesion strength for RK Expert product is good for about 35lbs per sq in.
Better adhesion/bond strength translates into a better performing product. More vibration is transferred to the material than when the bond is weak.

A good reference is the initial tackiness of the product.
We have found that there is a compromise between initial adhesion and damping performance.
Products that seem to be extra “sticky” do not increase bond strength over time.
While having a moderately sticky product will allow for increased bonding over a few days and an increase of overall performance.
Our product was designed with this feature (performance) first and foremost.

In comparison to Dynamat, their product will seem to be a little stickier when first applied, but over the course of a few days, our product will bond with the surface and there’s will only slightly increase from the initial bond strength.

For anyone that has received feedback regarding the RoadKill thickness vs. Dynamat. Here are some facts.
Our product is superior in weight, thickness of material and aluminum layer.
Overall better bonding and damping performance
And since we don’t have the marketing expenses of Dynamat, much better pricing.
Just thought you would like to know.
Expert RoadKill Published Specifications
Minimum Thickness 0.080in
Minimum Weight 0.65bs/ft2
Aluminum Layer- 6 mils

Dynamat Xtreme Published Specifications
Minimum Thickness 0.067in
Minimum Weight 0.45bs/ft2
Aluminum Layer- 4 mils

Hushmat Published Specifications
Minimum Thickness 0.059in
Minimum Weight 0.453bs/ft2
Aluminum Layer- Not Specified

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